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friends only 

Well hello there!!!!! I've made my journal friends only!!! So if you want me to add you, just leave me a comment. 

*smooch*   i peequeef you to add me!!!! :P
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I am so sick of work. All of those bitches are such backstabbers. This isn't high school people!!

I am pretty sure Becky is the one that keeps telling Marsha about me.

Linda is the only one I trust, and she's off for the next few days taking care of her husband. He's 85 and fell down the basement stairs. He is ok, except for some fluid on his brain.

Sigh. Between John not working and drama at work, I'm kinda depressed.

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cute purpley chick

Mimi sez

Emily said she made up a song called Bears and Dinosaurs Kill People. I asked her how it goes and she said she can't sing it cuz it has bad words in it.
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at the risk of sounding like a dumbass.....what does FTW mean? also AML? can anyone clue me in on this?
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